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Picture-Perfect Homes: How Plaster Works Can Make a Difference

At Ocean Blue Technical Service, we excel in the art of villa renovation in Dubai. In this blog, we shed light on an often-overlooked aspect of home design – plasterwork. It’s a detail that, when perfected, can be the defining factor in creating truly picture-perfect homes.

The Art of Plasterwork:

We are aware of plasterwork’s enormous importance in both architecture and interior design. We are committed to perfecting this age-old technique, appreciating its versatility, and comprehending its historical significance. 

Our craftspeople expertly blend innovation with tradition to produce exquisite plasterwork that improves the appearance of homes and structures. Plasterwork, in our opinion, is a sort of art that moulds spaces, establishes styles, and gives architectural fantasies life rather than only being a building component. We help to preserve and advance this beautiful art form with unflinching dedication and knowledge.

Types of Plasterwork:

At Ocean Blue Technical Service, we take satisfaction in having mastered the technique of plasterwork, which includes a broad range of general types that improve the aesthetics of buildings and residences. Our knowledge includes decorative mouldings like baseboards and crown mouldings, which give interiors a timeless charm. 

We create elaborate cornices and ceiling roses that turn ceilings into eye-catching focal areas. Medallions, friezes, and architectural niches are painstakingly crafted to express distinct aesthetic preferences. Our proficiency in facade embellishments ensures that buildings’ exteriors exude curb appeal and distinctive architectural design. We embrace the variety of plasterwork, precisely and artistically sculpting spaces.

  • Plasterwork in Interior Design:

Plasterwork plays a crucial part in interior design, and Ocean Blue Technical Service is aware of this. Our commitment to this craft is demonstrated by how easily plasterwork is incorporated into a variety of design plans. Interiors can be radically altered by plasterwork, whether it is elaborate or minimalist. It can delineate areas, produce visual interest, and add elegance to environments. 

Our talented artisans painstakingly design plasterwork pieces that correspond with a client’s concept, whether it be elaborate ceiling roses that highlight lighting fixtures or ornamental mouldings that add timeless elegance. We recognise that plasterwork is a design element that improves the ambience and personality of living spaces and is more than just an architectural detail.

  • Exterior Plasterwork:

We extend our plasterwork knowledge to building exteriors since we understand how important exterior plasterwork is to a building’s overall attractiveness. We provide a wide variety of external plasterwork solutions that turn building facades into works of beauty.

Every structure stands out with elegance and uniqueness because of the delicate architectural elements our trained artisans create, such as decorative motifs, cornices, and facade ornaments. We believe  that external plasterwork adds character and curb appeal to any property and creates a memorable first impression from the outside in, rather than just being a decorative addition.

The Craftsmanship Behind Plasterwork:

Our craftspeople are committed to maintaining and improving this age-old craft. They expertly shape plaster into elaborate motifs that adorn homes and structures with careful attention to detail. We are aware that the skill and accuracy needed to create good plasterwork are just as important as their aesthetic appeal. 

Every plasterwork component we manufacture represents the highest standards of quality thanks to our dedication to craftsmanship, enhancing environments with timelessness and creative delicacy.

Choosing the Right Plasterwork:

We are aware of how crucial it is to choose plasterwork that complements architectural styles and aesthetic preferences. To make sure that our selections for plasterwork are consistent with our client’s visions, we work closely with them. Our knowledge directs the decision process whether it involves selecting ornate mouldings that emanate classical elegance, medallions that provide a sense of grandeur, or minimalist patterns for modern settings. 

We offer a wide range of solutions and take into account elements like material, texture, colour, and scale to ensure seamless integration. Our goal is to offer clients plasterwork solutions that improve the aesthetics and character of their places.

Maintenance and Care:

At Ocean Blue Technical Service, we not only specialise in creating beautiful plasterwork but also emphasise its lasting beauty by providing appropriate upkeep and care. We are aware that maintaining plasterwork is necessary to keep its classic beauty. These complex decorations may be kept looking their best with routine dusting and occasional cleaning with a soft cloth. 

When plasterwork sustains slight damage, our talented craftspeople may offer professional restoration services to bring it back to its former splendour. We are dedicated to our craft beyond only producing it; we also want to make sure that your plasterwork will last for years to come, adding beauty and aesthetic value to your environment.


In closing, plasterwork is the unsung hero of interior and exterior design, capable of transforming homes into picture-perfect masterpieces. At Ocean Blue Technical Service, we invite you to explore our website for a gallery of our craftsmanship and discover how plasterwork can elevate your space to new heights of beauty and elegance. Visit our website today to envision the possibilities:

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